Track and Field

Start building your process for success in the pole vault, high jump, throwing, and other areas of track and field.

Start Your Process For Success

The Track Club was formed to give you a place to train year-round. Our Track Club is mainly tailored to pole vaulters, high jumpers and throwers but all track athletes are welcomed to join. You will benefit from personalized coaching, top-of-the-line facilities, ropes, rings, plyometric and strength-training options, and on-the-spot video analysis.

Pole Vaulting

All Levels and abilities are welcome. The club is designed to give the Beginner, Prep, Collegiate, Elite and Masters athlete a chance to start their process for success in the Pole Vault. Training to include Technique, Speed, Strength, Coordination and Power. The Goals for the group are for preparation to compete from State to the National and International Level.

Fall/Winter  Pole Vault 2017 Schedule:

Every Monday evenning 4-6 pm

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