TOCA Northwest


The Schmetzer Family and TOCA training, a match made in soccer development heaven!

Since 1974 Walter Schmetzer, Sr. always had a keen sense of developing talent in soccer. He was the first A-licensed coach in Washington, and many say, one of true innovators that brought soccer to Seattle. Following in his footsteps, Andy and Walter Schmetzer, Jr. are once again raising the bar when it comes to soccer training and development with the TOCA Northwest training method.

This system not only builds a first touch that can compete anywhere in the world, it teaches confidence to perform at the highest level, no matter what league the player aspires to play in. The revolutionary TOCA Northwest training method—brought to you by the Schmetzer Family with a 40 year history of developing college and pro soccer players—can take your athlete to the level they dream of. The method is built on a belief that first touch training and a positive approach to development is the best formula for success.

Come see for yourself the difference a revolutionary training system and the best trainers in the NW can do for you or your child’s game.

TOCA Northwest Training provides technical skill work that supplements team training. Through increased repetition, proper technique becomes instinct.

  • Increases game-related touches
  • Improves weak foot technique
  • Develops control of flighted balls
  • Creates muscle memory
  • Minimizes time between touches

A good first touch is the foundation of every skill in soccer. TOCA Northwest Training develops the first touch, which builds the physical and technical requirements for every other skill:

  • Simplifies decision-making
  • Builds control that is essential to playing away from pressure
  • Advances coordination, balance and technique
  • Develops ability to play with the head up

Size 5 Ball


WEIGHT: 14oz

Toca Ball



Small-Ball Training

The use of a smaller ball is at the heart of TOCA Training:

  • Increases focus and concentration
  • Generates less wear and tear on the body
  • Creates technical challenge due to smaller sweet spot
  • Safely teaches proper heading technique with a low impact ball

Controlled  Environment

 Technical training should be done in a small space. Our TOCA Studios are typically 20-30 feet wide by 40-50 feet long indoors.
  • Smaller space promotes cleaner and tighter touches
  • Most efficient use of training time – no chasing balls
  • The TOCA Touch Trainer controls each delivery, making for a consistent training experience each time
  • Fail-safe environment fosters creativity and confidence