Strollerfit (Stroller Fitness)

Strollerfit logoSnohomish Sports Institute is excited to announce the launch of StrollerFit.

StrollerFit is a 45 minute whole body workout based around movements that will be done WITH a stroller!  Forget about trying to get a babysitter or pay for childcare, bring the kid with you and kill two birds with one stone!  

StrollerFit (stroller fitness) will incorporate lifting, cardio, strength, flexibility, barre, plyometrics, and even a little yoga to give you an opportunity to work out some of the kinks from life with little ones.  SSI’s large turf field and surrounding space will allow you to work out regardless of weather outside and the big open bay doors make coming in and out easy.  At the end of the 45 minute workout you will be given 15 minutes to let your kiddos out to play and use the turf to their liking.  We want to encourage that “down time” to sit and visit with fellow moms to develop relationships and inspire each other.

StrollerFit class runs Wednesday’s from 10am-11am

*All children must stay IN the stroller during the fitness portion of the class

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